Power BI is generally available now

From the first glance Power BI is a dream as self-service BI if only cloud publishing platform is allowed in organization.

Set of short videos shows how easy is to work with Power BI
Power BI Desktop GA Update Overview – overview of new features of Power BI Desktop application.

How to create and use the Personal Gateway to keep your data up to date. – connect reports in cloud with on-prem data through own workstation.

How to create content packs for your organization to use in the Power BI service. – packs of reports, create, share with groups of colleagues.

How to connect a file from OneDrive to Power BI. – very useful scenario, when workbook with data stored on Onedrive.

I consider important to try “packs of reports” feature. It is easy when reports are done for one small company, where reports divided on two or three groups; but will it be easy to maintain such structure on Power BI for 10 countries with 5 areas of reports in each, where every group should be isolated?